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Thread: Colors of the Rebel Module from the shop

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    Default Colors of the Rebel Module from the shop


    I read lots of the threads in this subpart of the forum but couldn't find an info to the colors of the single-LED Rebel Modules from the shop (this ones: )

    Can someone please post a picture of an example how the colors look? I do know, that display settings might change them, but I want at least a general direction of what to expect. Just want some info on the general difference between "lime" and "green" or "blue", "cyan" and "royal blue".


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    As another new user this would be very useful as well.

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    This obviously is the color numbers when adjusting colors using a soundcard. But it will still give a good idea of the actual colors, especially if you look for the times when a color number is set to 1023 and the others are 0. That means that individual led color is by itself

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    The colors are what you would imagine they are for the most part.
    Lime is between green and yellow
    Cyan is between blue and green
    Royal Blue is a dark blue
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