Hey all,

I have an older saber... my first ever that I built... that I want to put in sound and flash on clash.

I am looking at...

MHSv1 Nano Biscotte V4 Assembly - Part number V1NBV4A
Green/Green/White Cree Star LED & MHSV1 Heatsink Module for use with NBv4 Assembly Part number M-TCGGWHM

I know I will have to also have a momentary switch, but my question is... what does the rest of the wiring harness look like? There are 3 JST connectors from the sound board. 1 to the switch, 2 to the LED?
I have watched the TCSS Vids on YouTube, but as I am horrible at soldering I thought I might try the Plug n Play version...

Any assistance would be awesome. Thank you.