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Thread: Has anyone done a custom crystal chamber and used a 3D printed chassis?

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    Default Has anyone done a custom crystal chamber and used a 3D printed chassis?

    I like the idea of the custom built crystal chambers seen here:

    Has anyone combined these custom built chambers with 3D printed holders for the battery, board, speaker, etc? I'm not talking about the MHS chassis disk, but maybe cutting up an existing holder from goth 3designs or similar?

    Also where is everyone getting these nice parts for their custom CC builds? I've heard of using parts from Harddrives, fins from Skywampa or Darklyte on Etsy, MHS chassis discs etc. Where are people getting these decorative tube spacers and spacer beads from?

    My hilt is the graflex 1.9 replica from graflexshop so looking for something with an ID that will work in that setup with the deluxe 1" graflex shop blade holder. Board is a proffie.

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    These all incorporate custom chambers with a mix of 3D and other things. All is original though. No pre made stuff

    3D steel

    This is how you can make spun wire conduits. Spacers are also sold in the store this forum is attached to.

    Here is a list of some places you can look at for greebles and other things.
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    Here's a design for a 3d printable lightsaber including crystal chamber:

    I'm going to try to incorporate the chamber into an existing saber that I'm making. I figure it should be easy enough to make room for an LED, wires, and such.


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