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Thread: what speaker for NB V4?

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    Default what speaker for NB V4?

    Working on my first electronic saber. I have the NB V4 board. Does it matter what speaker I use? I see various sizes and wattage and Ohms ratings on speakers. I'm tempted just to grab one and go. Does it really make a difference?


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    From the manual

    - Speaker: 4 to 8 ohm.- Audio output Power : 2W max
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    I guess what I meant to ask was will there be any dramatic differences in sound between the available speakers? Would you stay away from any of them? Or will it really not matter much any way you go?

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    Very pleased with both Saber Essentials speakers, theyre very loud and good range. 28mm Bass is decent. Not a fan of the premium or the 20mm. Have not used the WOW but have heard good things. But that one is a 4w so no bueno for NB 4.
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