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    I have been a long time lurker here on the forums. Since 2014, actually. I have had an amazing time studying the many builds and learning from all of the tutorials and helpful suggestions posted by the members here. I used the forum here to learn how to convert my MR Mace Windu a few years ago and with so many helpful threads it was super easy. I'll be making a separate post about that as I have some questions about a repair I need to do to it. I am now working on my first saber build from scratch and decided to finally come out in the open and post so I can ask questions and show off my work. A bit about me, I am a long time member of the 501st and Rebel Legions here in Florida as well as several other costume clubs. I love building costumes and props and I have discovered that I really really enjoy the technical intricacies of building lightsabers. Boy, I thought high-end legion costumes were a money sink. I might as well go buy a boat. It'd be cheaper! I'm looking forward to the journey and already bought some of the parts for my next saber build after I finish this one.

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    Hello there! So, technically you've been here longer than me. Still, welcome to the forums. Look forward to seeing what you build.
    Good luck and MTFBWY.


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    Thanks. Yeah, even though I've been here for years I have ome catching up to do!


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