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    Hello there!

    I recently joined one of the Saber fighting clubs and its totally awesome. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone here. Since I used the MHS and custom wired all my electronics, I have become the go to guy for fixing my groups' sabers. I was recently posed a question I didn't quite know how to answer so I'm bringing it to you lovely people.

    As the title suggests, a friend of mine wants to build a pike out of a current saber and use a lacrosse stick as the pole.

    So first, has anyone done this and care to point me the right way?

    Second, can I just use a mhs pommel with a hole drilled in and a bolt through everything? Would i need to use mhs v1 or v2?

    It this even a good idea?

    Thanks for the help,
    Happy building!

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    I don’t recall ever seeing this done. I think the first step is finding out the OD and ID of the stick. From there, you and/or forum members can determine what would or would not work.
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    My extensive searching has come up with the same result. I think my solution will work. I'll post results about it.


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