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Thread: TEASER - Proffieboard Fully Customizable Color Change and Effect Change

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    Default TEASER - Proffieboard Fully Customizable Color Change and Effect Change

    We've begun beta testing on new Proffieboard features that enable both color change and effect change on the fly. These features will be fully customizable, you can choose as many colors as you want, you can set multiple colors and effects within a single preset and toggle through them on the fly, yo can set the sound effects you want for each and run different sound effects for each font/preset. You will be able to set the default color and effect for each preset individually. In addition, there are multiple configurations and controls possible. And since each preset can be styled individually you can have one preset with a full spectrum of ROYGBIV colors and a full library of effects to cycle through and on another you can build just Jedi colors and effects and yet another can run Sith colors and effects. You'll also be able to mix colors so you can set up blades with 2,3,4,5 color mixes or gradients for truly unique blades. You can also customize your blast, clash and lockup effects so you can have the blast on your red saber be blue and then your green and blue sabers show red, etc. Any color or effect in your preset can be set up to be changed on the fly.

    Using either ColorScroll<> or EffectScroll<> you will be able to set up a scrolling menu option or create a continuously running Demo Mode. Both ColorScroll<> and EffectScroll<> have a display time parameter that you set, if you want to create a scrolling menu you would set a display time, then enter Scroll Mode to run through and then Select to lock in the color or effect and use the saber for regular use. Or you can set a longer display time and then enter Scroll Mode and leave it running on your shelf, at an event or anywhere else and have a Demo Mode. And at any time you can pick the saber up, Select the current color/style and continue using it. You can step in and out of Scroll mode anytime as often as you like and since each preset is individual you can have a preset the runs a quick Scroll Mode and another that runs a longer Demo Mode of all the cool colors and effects you're running.
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    More examples of color and effect change

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    During beta I actually discovered that we'll also be able to have color change and effect change run independently from one another, allowing you to select a color from your custom list and then cycle through a custom list of effects, or you can choose an effect and then run through your custom list of colors and each preset can be a completely different mix of color and effects, it's all customizable. You're also not limited to a single base color, you can include multiple colors to be mixed together and you can also still run different blast, clash, lockup, etc. colors for each mix.

    There's actually even more in development but this is where we are today, there's now 3 color changing options for 4 different uses:

    #1 - ColorChange<> this is a "traditional" color/effect change - you'll be able to build each preset with as many ColorChange<> styles and control each

    #2 - EffectScroll<> this allows a color/effect change from a scrolling display of all included colors or styles. There is a display time variable that can set along with your color/styles to control how long each displays- short display times will act like a scrolling menu and let you quickly select from the options and lock in the color/style you want. This effect can also be used to create a scrolling Demo Mode by setting a longer display time so each color/style can be shown longer. In both Scrolling menu or Demo Mode you can enter and lock in the current color/effect at any time

    #3 - EffectScroll<> with nested ColorChange<>, as shown above, combing these two styles gives you the ability to use ColorChange to select from your custom colors in a preset and separately choose from your custom effects. You can use ColorChange to cycle through colors in your preset, all completely customizable and you can use ColorChange in multiple places for multiple effects so you can change color1, color2 of any effect separately, you can change your block color, lockup color, clash color, etc. Then using EffectScroll<> you can build up a list of the effects you want so you can cycle through different effects with a color mix or cycle through different colors in an effect, all completely customizable.

    #4 ColorScroll<> this style is a combination of #1 and #2 but it styles and colors are changed together, it also features a display time you can set for when using Scroll / Demo Mode just like EffectScroll<> but it will be a stand alone effect because it shares the controls of both ColorChange and EffectScroll. You can still build completely custom colors or styles and swing or click to change or enter scroll mode and use for a demo or scrolling menu but the effects and colors are pre-grouped in your style so you cannot mix and match like #3 above.

    There will be even more info and guides on use as we get closer to a release but just wanted to clarify what the new addition means to all of this.

    Read more:

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    I've got another new feature to preview for everyone. In addition, to the ColorChange<>, ColorScroll<> and EffectScroll<> functions coming for Proffieboard I'm also developing customizable Transition effects to really take color change to the next level. First up is a new Fade feature, ColorChangeFade<> which runs like ColorChange<> but includes a Transition Time that you can set the will fade one color into the next for each color change and since you can also change effects with this feature you can use it to fade on effect into the next. Second, is a standalone ChangeSpark<> function that can be nested and styled individually anywhere and can also be used outside of the color change functions if you just want to call a certain effect anytime during use. ChangeSpark<> uses any color or effect you want and runs it for a time you set Transition Time (ms). ChangeSpark<> is triggered by EFFECT_CHANGE so it can run individually with the same button controls as ColorChange even if you don't define a color change or it will run with each color change. It can also be nested itself so you can define different effects or colors for each change you make, so it allows complete freedom and customization.

    The video demos a few things but two I want to really bring attention to are towards the end for the Star Wars fans out there. First is a new application of ColorChangeFade<> on my "Pull to the Darkness" style. "Pull to the Darkness" is a style I built for Kylo Ren to represent him going from the light to the dark by having his blue blade slowly transition to unstable red. The current version runs on ignition automatically and only goes from blue to red, but using ColorChangeFade<> you can now build an on demand version so you can click to change with a longer Transition Time between two different blade effects/colors and it will give you the "corruption" effect on the blade and now you can also go back with a second click, so you can control when and how often to do the transition by building a custom style.

    And, for any Legends fans out there, I've got the Coran Horn Dual-Phase lightsaber effect built. For those who haven't read any Legends books, Coran Horn was a Jedi in the New Jedi Order with a dual crystal lightsaber, his standard blade was a silver but if he twisted his hilt it would realign a different crystal and create a purple blade (in the books the length of the blade would change too- that one I don't have for you) but now using ColorChange<> combined with the new ChangeSpark<> effect you can really have Coran Horn's lightsaber effect. For testing it is set up with the ColorChange buttons, but the controls will be customizable so you would be able to implement the change with a click and twist with some small changes to the button configuration.

    Still more to come and we're just getting our next stage of beta off the ground with some additional testers. I'm looking to add to the transition effects but we may roll those out in future updates as they are taking time to code and test and we know everyone's excited to get their hands on this stuff. We're working hard on this stuff; Matt has some great improvements of his own in development and I'm plugging away at the style and effect features as we have time so please be patient, we want these features to be perfect for everyone.
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    Fork now available for Color / Effect Change on Proffieboard.

    More information here:


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