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Thread: Optimum distance from speaker to pommel insert?

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    Default Optimum distance from speaker to pommel insert?

    Quick survey for all you saber smiths - What do you find is the optimal distance from the front of the speaker to where the sound exits the pommel to maximize sound clarity and volume? I am not looking for scientific wave form calculations here, just how far, based on experience seems to be the best to give you a saber that is loud without sounding muddy. Let's assume the speaker being used is the 28mm 2W 8ohm Bass Speaker sold in TCSS. Is the pommel alone a deep enough resonance chamber? Does a short extension between the pommel and speaker seem to help? - Discuss!

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    If you have a pommel that has a little depth to it, that’s all you should need. It’s all I’ve ever needed.
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    I have maybe 10 builds of all different configs and hilts, so take this with a grain of salt, but I suggest as much distance as possible. One of the best resonant chambers I built was a Graflex 2.5 where the speaker was placed in the middle of the chamber. Also, the insulation behind the speaker seems to have almost as much impact on sound as the chamber in front of the speaker. My worst sounding sabers are where space allowed only a few mms before the pommel. Those also tended to be the ones that space also mandated something smaller than 28mm which I never like.

    To that end, I am finally building the LS6 that I picked up from the TCSS May the 4th bundle, and am looking at cutting the inner and outer bottom sections off just below where the pommel screws on to print a chassis that will fit the 28 mm bass. Anyone else see/do this?


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