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Thread: Help with NBv4 Assembly

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    Default Help with NBv4 Assembly

    Just plugged in the NBv4 assembly with the RGB Tri-Cree Module for the assembly and am getting no light at all. All the sound fonts work and sound correct just no light. Anyone have an idea what I need to do. Thanks
    NBv4 Assembly.jpg

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    You'll need to provide more, better, and closer pics of all components and wiring connections. It'll help us a great deal in trouble shooting
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    I attached a few more pictures, should be closer up. Thanks for looking at them.
    NBv4 assambly 1.jpgNBv4 Assembly 2.jpgNBv4 Assembly 3.jpg

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    Ok, I don't use these items but the first thing that caught my eye is in pic 2. Looks like the blue and white wires are not connected correctly. It goes from white to blue and blue to white between connectors. That does not seem right to me. I know the JST connectors are keyed so the can only go in one way.
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    Ok I see that too. Huh. Just got these parts in the mail today and they are supposed to be plug and play. I'll try cutting off the JST's and soldering the correct colors to each other. I'll reply with what happens. Thanks

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    Gah!! Hold and see if someone else chimes in or email the shop to double check before you do anything. Like I said, I've never used those parts so I can't say for certain that what i saw is an issue. It is odd to me though.
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    Wow, good eyes. I cut off the JST's and soldered them together matching and all the colors work now. I would have never noticed that. Thank you for help and your time.

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    Whew. I wasn't 100% sure so I was worried. Glad it worked.

    Mistakes happen. I'm sure it was a rare oversight during assembly
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