Hey all, new builder here with some questions and a parts list.

I have an empty Korbanth OWK3 that I would like to do a Neopixel/Proffie install on. I've read this can be a challenging first install but I'm confident in my soldering and programming skills, and I figure with enough research and questions I can get it done.

1) I have ordered the GOTH-3Designs Padawan chassis which says it takes a 21700 battery. TCSS shop doesn't look like it sells this type, is there another reputable source I can get a battery pack from that already has a protection circuit? I don't want to solder this myself for fear of thermal damage to the battery. I see one for sale at The Saber Armory but shipping would be expensive, I am in the US.

2) I don't intend to do any dueling with this saber seeing as it is a long neck and has a pretty shallow blade depth, but I would like to try to get as much blade depth as I can. The 1" Neopixel hilt side adapter V2 available on TCSS looks like it has some unused space below the neopixel PCB. Is there any reason I couldn't file down/cut some off to give me more blade depth? Or any other suggestions?

3) Since this is my first build I'm just going to order the PlecterPixel blade from VV. I don't see Neopixel blade plugs on their shop, is there a good shop or builder for blade plugs?

Parts list:
- Proffie
- PTFE Wire - (22 AWG, 30 AWG)
- Goth3D OWK3 Padawan Chassis
- VV PlecterPixel Blade 1", 32" length
- 21700 Battery
- Switchcraft 2.1mm power Jack
- 3.7-14.8v smart charger with plug adapter
- 28mm Bass Speaker
- Neopixel hilt side adapter 1"
- Neopixel PCB and pins

Missing anything?

Lastly, if anyone has experience with this hilt or just in general and would like to offer some tips for a first timer I would appreciate it!