Hey, it's been a while since I last posted in the forums. I have previously built a fairly basic MHS stunt saber with the intention of someday adding sound, and now I am looking into what i need to do that. Most (if not all) of the current electronics will be removed and likely saved for a future stunt saber project, so for now, I'm sorting this all out based on a totally empty hilt. I don't really have any skill with soldering wires, so I decided to go with the MWS parts. This is the list of what I think I need so far...

1. MHSv1 NBv4 assembly (item #V1NBV4A) with speaker and header/wiring harness added.

2. Cree star RGB LED and heatsink module (item #M-TCRBGRHM)

3a. OPTION 1 - Guarded-style momentary switch (item #MWSGMS) *staying with guarded switch instead of AV because that's what the current hilt is drilled for.

3b. OPTION 2 - AV momentary switch (item #MWSAVSM) *IF i decide to order a new hilt section, haven't decided yet.

4. Resistors? This is the one part I am unsure about. My current saber uses a 1000Ma Buckpuck, but if I read things right, you can't use a Buckpuck with a momentary switch, and since (based on the photos) the LED module already has resistors wired in, does this setup need another one between the soundboard and the LED module?

5. Recharge port (item #MWSRP) **I may or may not add a recharge port. If I order a new hilt section, I'll have it drilled for both an AV switch and a recharge port, but if not, I'll just skip it for now. Current hilt doesn't have a hole for it.

I know basically all of these parts are "plug and play" (at least that's what I'm hoping for), but even so, does anyone have a wiring diagram for this particular setup? Am I missing anything?