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Thread: Blade in a Blade? Bladeception!

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    Default Blade in a Blade? Bladeception!

    This is probably extremely silly but I still thought of it and wondered what would happen. Has anyone tried doing a 1" thin walled blade with a 7/8" Blade inside of it. The shop is currently out of 1" Thick walled blades and I wanted to do a dueling build and was curious what this would do as far as lighting.
    I would most likely use a clear 7/8" with a TransWhite 1".
    I'm thinking it would just be pretty durable and would have a really strong "Core" effect.

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    7/8" won't fit.

    I have done this with a 3/4" pixel blade that I call "pixel core." I've been working on the best way to diffuse things properly.

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    The inner diameter of the 1" Thin walled is 7/8". That's why I thought it would work. If I were doing the Thick walled I'd use the 3/4" for sure.
    Even though the numbers work, does a 7/8" just not fit in the 7/8" hole of the 1" Thin walled?

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    The 7/8" tube does not fit inside the 1" tube, and the 3/4" tube doesn't fit inside the 7/8" tube. Even if it almost fit, any bend or dent would cause it to get stuck even if you couldn't quite see it yourself.

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    I've found that 3/4" fits in thick walled 1" though.

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