Hi everyone.

Here's some views of the gorgeous solid-brass MHSv2 emitted Tim did for me as part of a custom order.


Now, I'm putting a big brass thumbscrew on the "long" side of the emitter for my retention screw, so it looks kinda like the old Graflex and Heiland flashgun hilts. But I'm also wanting to add a cosmetic-only Graflex style recharge port on the emitter too.

I'm not sure if I want a single port on the shorter side of the emitter, 180 degrees from the retention screw, or if I want two ports 90 degrees from the emitter like Kanan Jarrus' hilt uses, or if I want a pair of ports offset like on a Graflex hilt. I've included a poll with the three options if y'all would like to help me choose!

May the Force of others be with you,
Beskar Anooba