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Thread: LED strip as Tri-Led in hilt?

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    Default LED strip as Tri-Led in hilt?

    Hello there.

    I recently "finished" my first saber and it's a neopixel that works rather well. I've had some issues with the smart charger not being quite powerful enough to charge it in a reasonable time and there have been one or two other issues that I'm working out.
    That's not why I'm here today.
    While Neopixel looks gorgeous, I don't feel comfortable swinging it hard against other sabers for dueling. I took advantage of the recent sale and i'll be upgrading my neopixel with a PrizmV5.5 as well as a few other perks. And I'll be using the NBV4 for a dueling saber.
    So here's my question:
    Can I use 3 (or 4) of my leftover LEDs from my strips in conjunction with a lens and just wire them as I would a normal neopixel? So I would just be making my own LED module.

    I haven't seen anyone try this but I don't see why I couldn't do it. Thought?

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    I await with bated breath. And I'm assuming that means it's possible.


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