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Thread: The Saber Assistant Final Version... for now

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    Default The Saber Assistant Final Version... for now

    Figured I'd start a new thread as this one is very different from the original design and what is the final design for now.

    This saber display/stand features an interactive touchscreen, voice assistant with randomized phrases, and customizable lighting. The unit only activates when a saber is placed in the cradle. Its all handmade. No 3D printing or anything like that.

    Hope you enjoy. It was a blast to build and get working.

    末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末 末末末末

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    That is insanely cool!

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    that is siiiiiiick.
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    Thanks guys. Glad you like it
    末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末末 末末末末


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