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Thread: Sound problem with my Prizm Neopixel build

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    Default Sound problem with my Prizm Neopixel build

    I apologize if im not in the right area to post this. Ive recently finished a Prizm 5.5 build with a neopixel blade. everything works fine until after a few minutes of having the saber on. with the blade plugged in, it will start to sound screechy, without the blade plugged in it sounds fine. Ive read a few posts on these forums and others, and it seems like my battery isnt providing sufficient output. Everything was bought from TCSS; SK6812 (118 pixels per side) 28mm premium speaker, 470Ohm inline resistor, 2 illuminated momentary switches. The battery I installed is this one but it doesnt say what its amp output is. Im considering getting this to replace. Do you think that will be a better choice? I should also mention I used 28AWG for all the wiring. Ive seen a few people say its better to use 24AWG or 26AWG, while at the same time the Plecter Labs manual called for 28AWG. Any opinions on that part of the build? thank y'all so much for your time and support.

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    The first battery you listed isn’t for neopixel. The second one is. Also 28gauge wiring isn’t recommended as it may not be able to handle the amperage load and may physically fail.
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