Hey everyone

Knee deep in the planning for my first build. I'm going with a basic Amber sink tube Stunt lightsaber. Here is my parts list, some of it I'm waiting on more money to order and some is already on its way
Parts list:
1-1/4 inch sink drain
1-1/4 inch 45 degree angle adapter
TCSS 1.25" Sinktube bladeholder https://www.thecustomsabershop.com/1...der--P269.aspx
Green Latching 12mm AV Switch (From saber armory)
Luxeon Rebel Star (Currently between Amber, White and Green/Lime)
2AA Battery Pack https://www.thecustomsabershop.com/2...ctor-P722.aspx

Here is what I have so far for my attempt

I'm pretty happy with how its turning out so far, but I do have a concern
Currently the only way the parts are fitting together is with friction. I'm not sure there is enough clearence for a screw, and I'm not sure if its at all possible to just Locktite it in place.
Has anyone done this sort of thing before? Alternatively does anyone have some advice? I know this is definitely not the sturdiest way to set up the saber.
Thank you for any help