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Thread: Accurate NBv4 wiring diagram?

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    Default Accurate NBv4 wiring diagram?

    So, the wiring diagram in the NBv4 manual does not match the text. I am trying to sort out the wiring for a GGW with FOC and charge port. From reading other posts, I think I can wire both greens with their own resistors, to the shared L1, through their negative terminals. Then wire the white negative to a resistor and then to the L2.

    Switch connections to board terminal and battery negative.

    Recharge port wired normally as shown in the NBv4 manual?
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    Tried replying a while back, post disappeared. Anyway yes, the diagram in the NB manual focuses on the extender. What you propose is fine. The resistors can be on negative or positive side. I didn't bother with a resistor for my FOC LED, negative terminals go to the L1 or L2 pads. The switch goes to the ACT pad and negative. Recharge port wiring in the documentation is as it should be on page 9. My mnemonic to remember the terminals is positive-plastic (surrounds the terminal), Adjacent-bAttery, Opposite-bOard. Are you going to have a crystal chamber LED?


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