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Thread: WIP First Lightsaber- Sink Tube Curved hilt

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    Default WIP First Lightsaber- Sink Tube Curved hilt

    Hey there!
    I've been planning my first saber on and off for years now. I've finally decided to start my first build.
    I want to make a lightsaber based on 1.25" sink tubes. Hopefully I wont be doing everything wrong here! I'm probably going to do a stunt for now, with hopes of upgrading it later.

    Editing this post as it has some changes and updates

    A full parts list has been determined, while most of the parts are currently on their way I can include photos of all the currently obtained pieces.
    This is a first try, and I get the feeling I'm doing everything wrong. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained on a first venture. If I do something wrong here, hopefully I can improve in future builds.

    Parts list:
    1-1/4 inch sink drain
    1-1/4 inch 45 degree angle adapter
    TCSS 1.25" Sinktube bladeholder
    Green Latching 12mm AV Switch (From saber armory)
    Luxeon Rebel Star (Currently between Amber, White and Green/Lime)
    2AA Battery Pack

    Hopefully this should be most of everything I need.

    And here is what I have of the hilt so far. I have more to do, but this is where its at so far.
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