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Thread: HELP 2010 Anakin Skywalker fx conversion

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    Default HELP 2010 Anakin Skywalker fx conversion

    so I got a new toy today, and in trying to convert it.

    This is the lightsaber with the fixed poly blade that has 20 or so LEDs in the blade itself, its the plastic not the metal. So I've wired a new switch and new battery compartment for my li ion.

    The issue is I'm now trying to get my LED to work. I'm using a 3w CREELED that I've used before on another project so I know they're bright and work well on 3.7v with a board (using the PNP transistor and resistor method to power it) the two problems I have is 1: my LED is barely bright! It doesnt illuminate anywhere near as much as it should AND the LED turns on whether the board is activated or not. My second issue is where do I wire the clash switch? If pictures are needed I'll try and upload but basically where the LED strip connects to the board, is 12345, a, b, and vss. Any help would be massively appreciated

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    Hey There,
    So I just did this with my Rey version. I was going to use the existing battery and switch using Shememe's tutorial, but I ended up doing a complete tear down with an NB4 and power extender. I am really glad I did. Here is a link to the one I started with.


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