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    Hi I just got my first purchase from TCSS. The May the 4th bundle, and they’re beautiful! But I’m still unfamiliar with all the components and want to make sure everything is there.

    I think the LS6 May have magnets missing for the crystal insert. I love how that one opens up. The cross guard has the same crystal insert with magnets. I guess they’re not important when it comes to installing them, but I feel the LS6 would be my last to install, after some practise first. And same for the cross guard with more complexity.

    Trying to decide what to do first...
    ... I can’t even decide which options I like for the DV6 or 2.5. I’ve mainly been eyeing the DM1 for a couple years. Now I got six in one awesome swoop.
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    You gonna do anything with the Sid or keep it like a chrome edition? I've been wanting to do that myself. I might just keep all these display hilts whenever I start to get them. I kinda wanna see a battle weathered Maul done though for some reason :P Like heavily weather the emitters then kinda rub around the main body sections to spread it out more
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