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Thread: Jediseth build 13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Skywalker View Post
    Holy crap! Nice work Seth.
    Thanks Seth!

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    Looks good. Do you still have the lathe? Did you get a mill too? Can't remember.
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    Seth this is awesome. Love it as always!!!!!

    "Let the past die."

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    Amazing design, the chassis is sick! Curious if you considered neopixel?

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    @ DC
    Mike, I still have the lathe you recommended me. I was using a mill attachment on that lathe. I ended up getting a LMS mill with DRO mostly because I was really beating the crap out of the Sherline. I still have my Sherline for chamber work, but also have an LMS lathe and mill both with DRO. I still love the Sherline I just needed more power and stability with some of the stuff I was getting into. By the way I love the diagnostic device you made. It’s a cool idea, I’m excited to see what else you do to it.

    @ Tom, thanks buddy!

    @ Scott, I’ve only made one saber with Neopixel so I’m not a pro at it. That would be Tom’s area of expertise. I might do another Neopixel down the road. I’m just not a huge fan of Neopixel. They are impressive sometimes, but for me it just feels more like a light show sometimes to me than a lightsaber. The retraction feature is my favorite though. I still prefer in hilt LED.

    Thanks guys!
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