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Thread: Plug n play module. Need help to confirm if I understand it right.

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    Default Plug n play module. Need help to confirm if I understand it right.

    Hi all, I finally receive an awesome work from TCSS. I bought a plug & play nano assembly along with the LED module.
    Because I want to have a red switch (got it from Amazon) so I plan to solder the jsp connector with the switch myself.
    I am super noob (my first saber) I want to super make sure that I don't mess it up (delivery to Germany + tax = 100 euros)

    Anyway, my first questions is about the switch.

    1. I believe the yellow JSP from Nano is for the switch, the question is, the positive negative is not play a role here correct? (because it is both yellow, how can I tell which is + and -)
    On the switch has a symbol + and - (see attached picture), should I make sure it goes to + and - of the board?

    2. Secondly just about the connection with all the parts, maybe sounds stupid to ask but I just have to make sure each wires connect to the right wires by color correct?

    Thanks for all the answer! I can't wait to finish the saber!

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    You would connect the switch to the yellow JST. The polarity shouldn’t matter, but since you ordered it from Amazon, I can’t guarantee that it will act the way most switches normally would.
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