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Thread: MHS Build - BINARY SABER

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    Lightbulb MHS Build - BINARY SABER

    Hi everyone, I thought I would share one of my builds. This saber is inspired by the scrap-tech scavenged by Jawas under the Binary suns of Tatooine. So it's called the Binary. Quad-Cree XPE2 B/B/RB/W - 18650 Li-On Battery - NBv4 - 28mm Bass Speaker

    It's meant to look like it's had a long and interesting life, having been lost to the sands many years ago. I used chemical weathering on the aluminum, and custom 3D modeled an activation box and bunny ear piece, as well as the entire crystal reveal chassis. It's meant to evoke the look of a Graflex while still being unique. I like to think of this saber being recovered by Jawas and changing hands many times on the black market of Mos Espa before eventually being acquired by a crime lord as a status piece. Hope you like it, Thanks - Jonathan

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    Hey @Teslatechguy ! Really nice job on your lightsaber! Where's that two bolt clamp from? I like what you did with your "bunny ears", they look a bit like a Trijicon sight. Did you print them and your activation box in plastic or "steel"? Did you have any specific inspiration for those parts? And is that a Razor Blade Plug? Can't quite make out what you used for it from the photos you've shared so far.

    Thanks for sharing your pics! I think it has a before-broken Starkiller feel to it! Looking forward to seeing your next build!

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    Niiice! I'm especially liking the very authentic looking deep relic weathering. I love sabers with a 'history' and that chemical weathering makes it appear like maybe it had been slowwwly dissolving in the stomach of a Sarlacc for a thousand years before the Jawas recovered it and that crimelord 'restored' his new prize as best he could... Hmmmm...might be a story there eh? Well done and BRAVO!

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    That whole thing is beautiful. I really love the chassis. Great work man!
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