Hey guys,

Sorry but I've got one last newbie question. So I've been going back through some build videos/tutorials for the nano biscotti V3 in which I planned to use the deep sleep pad for my accent LED. While I'm aware the pad puts out a 3.3V, I still assume I need to resistor that LED due to the 20mA max current. However, I've seen a few folks suggest there is no need for a resistor on the accent as it's on a 3.3V output. Is this true? I figured if the battery is able to drive 3 x 1000mA Crees it would way overdrive the accent LED so I assume I need to throttle that down so as to not burn it out. I've calculated out an 18ohm .25W resistor for this particular LED (5mm blue).

I just want to understand where to get my numbers from. How would I know what the current produced by the battery is? I know the 3400mAh is a figure based on longevity, but is there a way to figure out exactly how much current it's actually producing or is that determined by the components in the circuit? I guess I had 2 questions! Still trying to understand the electrical theory behind everything.

Thanks for any input you guys can give me.