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Thread: Wiring Illuminated Switch into base stunt saber

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    Default Wiring Illuminated Switch into base stunt saber

    Apologies if it's already been asked, but I've searched several times but not found the answer I'm looking for, and I really don't remember enough of that ELE100 course I took too many years ago.

    I'm just trying to update a basic stunt saber, by adding an illuminated latching AV switch that I got here at CSS, which came with a "150ohm 1.4w resistor" which the store said would be required for a 6V power source.

    Stock saber was just 4x AAA batteries, what appears to be labelled a 2.0 ohm resistor, the green LED module, and switch.

    I've taken all the electronics out, and when I hook up everything with the switch LED in series, everything is really dim, which implies to me, not enough voltage to the two LEDs this way.

    So, again trying to remember ELE100, shouldn't I wire both LEDs in parallel to each other so they get the same voltage (instead of half)?

    Please see drawing:

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    Yes, they should be wired in Parallel. Also 4 AAA’s don’t usually give enough current to feed modern day main LEDs for more than a very little while.
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    Thank you. I appreciate your help.

    The saber in question gets pretty light use. Battery life has never really been an issue, althouh I suppose if it's now driving the main and switch LEDs, they might go a bit faster.

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