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Thread: Is my switch is momentary or Latching?

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    Default Is my switch is momentary or Latching?

    Hi all,

    I have a stunt saber which has a latching switch. It has that ticking sound when pressing on and off.

    I am about to build a sound saber and I bought a switch from Amazon because of the color.
    here >

    The name of the product says "Momentary Latching" (don't know if that even exist) I took a shot because it is cheap and I like the color so I bought it.

    It's here and I wonder if latching switch always has that ticking sound and lock in when pressing on, and the button comes back up when press again to turn off (if you know what I mean).
    And if the momentary switch is always bouncing back up when releasing the press on the button.
    Because the one I bought it has no sound when press and the button always bounce back once not press anymore.


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    After running it through Google Translator, this little bit appeared near the bottom of the page:

    Product Name : Momentary Pressure Switch
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Mounting Cut Hole: 12mm
    Operation Type : Current Head Shape
    : Flat Top
    Electric Current: 1A
    Voltage: 12V
    Terminals: 2 Pins
    Size: 2.2cm x 1.3cm / 0.86 "x 0, 51 "(length x width)
    Quantity: 1 pc "

    It says "momentary pressure switch", which would mean it is indeed a momentary.
    Also, the "bounce back" is a very good indicator that it is a momentary switch.

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    it is easy to test if you just connect a battery and LED. If you click it and the LED stays on, then it's latching. Ideally you could check it with a multimeter instead, if you have one.

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    @Darcy666 Yes, I saw that on the post as well. But still worry.

    @jbkuma Do you mean the any LED? or you mean the switch LED because I got the one without LED. I have totally 0.1% electric knowledge. Maybe I go ask an electric store, they should be able to test it for me right (with the multimeter)? So by you saying LED stay on because the momentary switch you have to hold it to activate right? (sorry for my English)

    The other question would be: can a latching switch break other electronic parts? I got a plug n play board/LED. So if the switch turn out to be latching style, will it break other part?

    My plan is to ask this electric store (he helps me once) to solder the switch I got with JSP, so that I can plug it to other part.

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    Yes, any LED. The led in an illuminated switch has separate connections from the switch mechanism.

    It won't break anything, but it may not work properly. You need to use the correct switch for things to work properly.

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