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    I want to build my own neopixel saber with sound any ideals as far as parts that I need?

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    You will have to put some effort into learning how to build a saber and researching the parts that you will need. There are many different ways to build a saber. I don’t think that anyone here will spoon feed you the information without the research and learning done first.

    As someone very new to building sabers, I can tell you that all of the information you need can be found in the forums and by watching all of the videos on TCSS’s YouTube channel:

    I have spent tons of hours learning all I can and have ordered everything to make an in-hilt LED and sound saber.

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    Thanks for the info

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    I recommend watching Madcows YouTube videos on TCSS and Genesis Custom channels. East Coast Sabers how to build a Graflex will be very useful wether you are building a Graflex, MHS or anything else. Neo Pixel is a bit more complicated than a tri cre for a first build, so read a ton first. Lastly, determine your sound board and fully read the manual. If you do all of the above, and design your build, with a detailed parts list, you will have luck here with further guidance.

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    Thanks Scott for the help.


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