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    Hi folks
    I've had a thought about having my hilt components anodized instead of powder-coated, so I could weather and overpaint them easier without changing the surface feel of the metal too much. Trouble is, the guy I thought could do it for me basically told me that I'd be better off using a coating because "it's cheaper" and my lightsaber (which I referred to as a "propmaking project") is "just a prop". I'm still really hesitant to dedicate myself to powdercoat except on one part of my hilt where the "copper vein" textured coat will work fine.

    Does anyone know of someone who can handle anodizing, be they a sabersmith or just someone who has the equipment and know-how to do it? I'm in the USA, so that narrows it down I guess.

    Thanks and may the Force of others be with you,
    Beskar Anooba
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