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Thread: Korbanth OWK install questions

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    Default Korbanth OWK install questions

    Hello, all. New to this. Building my first saber, which is the Korbanth OWK, and have some questions...Iím using the Goth 3designs Knight chassis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The switch is confusing. Iíve sanded it down so that it fits in the hole in the hilt. Iíve not wired it yet, but when the body is screwed on, it just doesnít seem like there is enough space for it all. How did anyone who has installed this actually handle this? And how do you fix the switch into place? Glue? Did you leave the pins in place?

    2. Any tips for final assembly? How do you screw on emitter to body without twisting wires, etc???

    3. Anyone have the Goth instructions? Thereís nothing on their website.


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    Posted on your other thread, but your challenges are common. Again, not sure about the goth chassis, but look at the pics on the other thread. My chassis has a channel for wires to run into the body. I carefully screwed on the emitter to the body one time and left it attached for good.


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