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    This is my first go around with this all in one set-up. This is a pic of my wiring so far. Does it matter which LED in a Cree XP-E2 RGB is wired to which pad? How do you assign a color to each sound font? Does this look right?Nano Biscotte V4 All in one.jpg

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    I normally wire in order like RGB. If you wire them to whatever pad you may end up with BGR or something. Not a huge issue, but it would make tuning your colors trickier (for me anyway) cause I'm so used to RGB order in my head.
    In the config of each font, you'll have drive=0,0,0 where the zeros are your led's.
    So for RGB, drive=1023,0,0 would be just red and so on.
    Under that you'll have fdrive=0,0,0 for the FoC color.

    So this:
    would be a blue blade with a green clash.


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    Ok ...thanks.. I understand that from the NB manual. Have not done that yet. Once the colors are associated with a font, when switching to that font that color comes up....
    The Prizm and Pico color change is so much easier......don’t have to use a computer to get a basic color change......


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