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    I am new to saber building and as such I use cheaper materials. (PVC) I cut the main body of the hilt from 1” PVC and I cut the shroud and grip from the 1-1/4” PVC.
    If my measurements are right I would need 7/8" clear PolyC tubes for the 4 hilts I've built so far, which is in stock, but the thick walled is out of stock. I would prefer thick wall to thin because my friend and are planning on beating the the absolute Bantha poodoo out of each other dueling lol. I'm not sure how well thin wall will hold up, I may be wrong and thin walled is plenty tough but I don't know for sure. if anyone one has information that would be awesome.

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    The rule of thumb is that both blades to be the same type for dueling (heavy in heavy) or (regular on regular).
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