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    Finished this MHS build. Cree XP-E2 RGB, Prizm 5.5. Handle space is tight so I had to bore it out and lathe down the V6 chassis I used, got it all squished in there.91660C75-A27A-43B8-866A-A2930EA58B46.jpgC5075D1D-F34E-40B9-8631-EB2E69350840.jpg5C35C613-A2DE-4B5D-B0C0-2EC73208BE36.jpgB24CAD8E-60BB-43D8-B2B2-D5F97D1F7F4D.jpgA66787DD-A4BB-424F-9C4F-77D01E832180.jpg1E20E3DF-02B0-4407-B555-5D42CFEF1CA2.jpgredesigned the safety plug and made a kill key
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    Man I love this! The shine thru section at the emitter is great, also love the grip section. I never have used that one, but it looks fantastic. Did you sink those switches into a gear piece?
    Also love the D-ring, I have yet after 4 years of doing this to use a covertech wheel. Canon or not, I don't like em =)

    Great job as always brother

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    Yes switches bezel was cut down to .49?” And then counter-sunk with a 0.50” flat end milling bit. I can lathe the covertech wheel myself and can contour the underside if need be. Don’t like the plastic belt attachment. So I usually just make my own “D” rings and mounts.

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    Nice! Love what you did with the blade holder.


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