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Thread: NBIV orientation in hilt

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    Default NBIV orientation in hilt

    Hello All, I'm currently working on my fourth install and was wondering if the orientation of the NBIV matters? More specifically, I've done my previous installs with the contacts towards the emitter and the SD card towards the pommel. Can I reverse that so that the contacts are point towards the pommel? It's going to be easier to wire that way, but I don't want to hurt the performance.

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    It normally is suppose to be the way you had been doing it, it may hurt your performance, but you can compensate for that by “tuning the saber”. Of course, that will be a bit difficult if you can’t access the SD card holder.
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    Thanks FJK! I'll still be able to access the SD card as I'm just rotating the sound board 180. I'm going to play around with it a little to see if I can figure out a way to place the card right side up, but just wanted to check if there were any issues if I couldn't.


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