Hey Everyone, I'm beginning to gather the information I would need regarding my first build. I plan on 3D printing/Machining my own chassis for the electronics, but need some help figuring out what all I need and how to wire them. Someone on r/Lightsabers over on Reddit recommended that I use a Pico Crumble for my Driver/Sound, as well as using an RGB LED to get the full benefit of the board's color changing capabilities. I believe that the "Red/Green/Royal Blue Cree XP-E2 CopperNova" would be good choice given both its availability and Brightness, but do not know if the power requirements for it to run optimally can be managed by the board, or what resistors I may need for it to run properly. I would appreciate any help in part picking and any diagrams that you may have to offer to help me visualize the final product and to plan my purchases accordingly. Thanks in Advance!