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Thread: Question on Royal Blue, Green, Red LED

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    Default Question on Royal Blue, Green, Red LED

    Hi all, I am really a beginner here and looking for LED that allow me to mix color obviously choice is RGB led. TCSS has the Royal blue green red ready LED so my question is, if it will work the same as RGB correct? Just a different blue.

    So from there comes to another question, normal RGB or rBGR is better for color mixing? Ultimately I want all colors say like what Pico crumble can do (I will use Nano though). Particularly I want to have a nice amber gold color but I guess that colour is probably green and red mix anyway.

    Thanks for all the answering

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    Royal Blue is better for color mixing because normal blue does not mix well with green or red to achieve as many different colors. So saber builders commonly use royal blue for RGB builds to achieve a wider range of colors.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the help. Then i will order royal blue RGB!

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    It does depend somewhat on preference and what colors you think you'll use most. You will get better purples with a royal blue, but personally prefer the look of the standard blue. So, if you plan to run a blue blade it's something to consider what look you want. RGrB is a popular option, though. I go with RGB for all of my builds since green and blue are the colors I use most.

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    To follow on, "blue" will seem brighter than "royal blue" but for mixing, as Jake said, it's largely a matter of what colors you intend to use and it is largely subjective for anything other than purple, really.

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    Alright. Now I am a little undecided. Actually for blue colors I would like to get are light blue like Rey, Arctic blue like EP4. But I love to have good Canon Green and Red as well (I guess that is not depends on blue) but most importantly I would like to have Amber not super yellow and not so orange. Something like a dark yellow. But those also doesn't use blue at all am I correct?
    Back to the blues I like to get, normal blue probably better than royal blue then??? Thanks again for all the help!

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    You’ll be fine with Royal Blue. The Blues you mentioned are simply mixtures of Blue and Green. You’re overthinking it.
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    Of course then there is always: Deep Red, Green, Royal Blue dR, G, rB ! You can really get some crazy purples with deep red and royal blue.

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    Alright thanks for all the help guys. I think I will go with Red Green Royal Blue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pizzacooper View Post
    Alright thanks for all the help guys. I think I will go with Red Green Royal Blue!
    I'll add this: A lot of this hobby comes down to trying things and seeing how you like it. When it comes to a saber built for your own personal use, (barring any safety issues) if *you* like it then nobody has the right to tell you it's wrong.

    Good luck with your build!

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