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Thread: Localized Lockup Effect for Proffieboard Neopixel

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    Default Localized Lockup Effect for Proffieboard Neopixel

    Here's a few examples of the new Localized Lockup effect I built for neopixel sabers on Proffieboard. The style mimics the look in the films of two blades crossing really nicely. Enjoy!

    Kylo Ren / Rey Localized Lockup Effect

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    Vader / Luke (ESB) Localized Lockup Effect

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    Additional colors/styles with Localized Lockup on my OWK TPM, prequel blue, Luke green, Mace purple.

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    Please excuse the simple "battle" and verbal cues, I had my son demonstrate the Localized Lockup effect to show how it mimics the films with only the cross section of the blade sparking and flashing while the rest of the blade remains normal, as opposed to the entire blade flashing.


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