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    Hello! This is my first time building a saber and doing the electronics myself (with a NBV4). I'll be using JST connectors to make things a bit easier for myself, since the NBV4 item description tells you what wires go where, and so I have to do the least amount of soldering. I've watched a few videos of NBV4 assembly, and I've come up with a parts list, and if anyone could check it over to make sure I've got all the right stuff, and possibly answer a question, that would be very helpful!

    Parts List:
    - Pre-Wired NBV4 (
    - 26AWG green wire with Fem JST connector (for the speaker)
    - 16 mm AV switch with JST's
    - MHSV1 Blue Rebel Star LED with JST's
    - 18650 3.7V Li-Ion battery with JST's
    - 28mm Premium speaker
    - .3ohm 1W resistor
    - MHS Speaker Mount Style 6 for 28mm speakers

    My one question is, if I've done my research right is this: I assume I need a resistor, and the one I've included on the list is chosen from the LED calculator, where would be the best place to solder that? The wires on the JST equipped LED are a bit short, would it be best to wire the resistor to the White (Positive) Wire on the NBV4?

    Thanks to anyone who can look over the list/answer my question!

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    Hey, what's up man. You are going to want to solder the resistor to the negative side. Putting in on the LED module itself looks a little tight so I would say your best bet is to connect on the BLUE WIRE(L1) coming off the NB. Conventionally energy flows from + to - but in physics it's really - to +. Idky this is done honestly, I barely learned this & built my first ls as well and figured it's best to think - to + so you know the REAL flow of you energy. So in the long run placing it on the negative side protects the LED better. Hope it all comes together smoothy. Take your time, I fried my board rushing with excitement and accidentally soldered the battery backwards on my NB Best luck to you dude

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    Ah okay, thank you! I'd seen a few tutorials on the TCCS Youtube and they'd put it on the positive, I didn't realize there was two potential ways of doing it


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