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Thread: Tri-Cree Photo Red: Disappointing results

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    Alright, thanks for all the help!

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    I'll be honest, I'm not a brightness junky. My first build was a PVC stunt with a single deep-red rebel. However, a few months back I decided to play around with a QuadCree for a 3 channel NBv3 saber I was doing and so I did a red and deep-red in parallel for one channel. It's a little more rich in color than a red, but not by much. My preference still lies with deep red leds. I personally am okay with a hit in brightness for a bloody red, and not a blood orange.

    as you can see, on camera it shows pinkish, evidence that the deep red is at work.

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    Send me a E-mail at as I would like to discuss this with you and possibly shed some light on the issue.
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    @lovetadraw cool, so that picture is of 2x XP-E2 red and 2x XP-E photo red?
    Yeah for me, being able to see the light from the blade in a brightly lit room like a convention center is my primary concern. And I did see (from a distance) someone once with a bright red saber indoors that put mine to shame (don't know if it was a led strip or in-hilt, but I think it was a transwhite blade), so clearly it is possible.

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    Thanks everyone, especially Tim for the help.

    I decided to follow in the footsteps of Photonic Bladesmith and get myself a super-high-power luminus led (sst-90-r 2.8v@18A), and I'm super happy with the results, even considering the massive heat issues, plus the 32700 lifepo4 I'm using can easily handle the current draw. Still popped by the tcss store to get myself a heat sink though.


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