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Thread: Tri-Cree Photo Red: Disappointing results

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    Alright, thanks for all the help!

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    I'll be honest, I'm not a brightness junky. My first build was a PVC stunt with a single deep-red rebel. However, a few months back I decided to play around with a QuadCree for a 3 channel NBv3 saber I was doing and so I did a red and deep-red in parallel for one channel. It's a little more rich in color than a red, but not by much. My preference still lies with deep red leds. I personally am okay with a hit in brightness for a bloody red, and not a blood orange.

    as you can see, on camera it shows pinkish, evidence that the deep red is at work.

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    Send me a E-mail at as I would like to discuss this with you and possibly shed some light on the issue.
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    @lovetadraw cool, so that picture is of 2x XP-E2 red and 2x XP-E photo red?
    Yeah for me, being able to see the light from the blade in a brightly lit room like a convention center is my primary concern. And I did see (from a distance) someone once with a bright red saber indoors that put mine to shame (don't know if it was a led strip or in-hilt, but I think it was a transwhite blade), so clearly it is possible.


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