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Thread: Basic saber teardown and rebuild

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    Default Basic saber teardown and rebuild

    My first cheap hilt with one color and weak sound from last year....tore everything out, printed a chassis and installed a Prism and neo...chassis is fully removeable, and the hilt is just a shell....the fun part was the Chassis, and this was my first neo....special thanks to Madcow for the TCSS Plecterpixel build video, and to Tom T for his video, and help with my dumb power issue (don't try the basic 5A panasonic battery with a neopixel!) I clearly do not have proper machining equipment...the opening for the AV's was all brute force to advice on how to do better next time. Also happy to share the 3d file for the chassis.
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    Nice job Scott. You can get a inexpensive drill press from one of the box stores or Harbor Freight.....I know the saying you can drill with a mill but you cant mill with a drill....LOL. However..... you can, if your careful. Harbor Freight also sells a milling vise......Use a drill bit to carefully drill the corners, then take a small milling bit (with lots of oil) slowly connect the corner holes using the milling vise to advance the part. For small work like this it should work. The other alternative is to get the milling attachment for your Dremel tool, clamp your part in a vise and go to town with the Dremel. I'm thinking about a 3D printer to make special parts and such. So many choices out there......Gary

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    Thanks Gary - I have been thinking about a drill press, but the milling vice isn't even something I was aware of...great call! I think my dremel is actually dragging a bit with all of the beating I am putting on it since I got into this stuff!


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