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    Hello CustomSaberShop Forum!
    Does anyone know the brightness comparison between the Tri-Cree LED and 12w LED module? My understanding is that 12w has one more LED and thus is brighter but cannot find anything online confirming this theory. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks

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    More LEDs DOES NOT equal “brighter”. Tri-Crees tend to be brighter overall.
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    Wattage is the dumbest rating ever for comparing LED's.. You can have a 12w LED that performs worse than a 3w LED. It is all about efficiency and lumen ratings. Also taking 4 LED's that are lets say 150 lumens each and stuffing them next to each other does not equal a 600 lumen output. You have to take into account the focusing, heat, etc.. As a LED's heats up the lumens will go down which is why we only offer heat sinks made of real solid copper and use LED bases designed to remove heat as much as possible from the LED.
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