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Thread: Toast, right?

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    Default Toast, right?

    Assuming this is toast...7th or 8th build and no power wiring issues yet...had a short in the recharge port, wired up, pulled kill key (no sound card yet) and flamed up at the +/- on the board - think its the capacitor that is melted. Positive the board is dead, but on the 1% chance there is something i can do to try to salvage, figured I would give it a shot! BTW...removed from the Hilt, wired to test rig and when I applied power, there was a momentary signal to the speaker, but no response to momentary switches.IMG_1594.jpg

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    While you did toast it, it may be repairable. I will get in touch with Zook (who handles repairs here in the States) and he’ll be able to tell you how bad the damage is, and if he can repair it (fee involved).
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    That's a tantalum capacitor filtering the input to the board. If nothing else is cooked, it should be easily replaceable.

    If you remove the burned out cap, you might get it to work, but the capacitor is required for the proper function of the regulator that feeds the chip (the next component in line).

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    Thanks to both Forgetful Jedi and jbkuma....I was hoping that the capacitor would protect the rest of the board...certainly hanging onto it and will look for a part to try it myself, or consider a repair...although with a fee and shipping, likely not much cheaper than a new prism. Thankfully I had a spare for a planned build and dropped it into the OWK i was finishing. Planning to post some pics in the build thread.

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    the capacitor just goes across the power, in parallel with everything else.

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    Yep....I was more thinking that when the cap literally flamed up, that the connections in the board could have been damaged or destroyed, to where replacing the individual component wouldn't even be an option. I also struggle with my CF single cell mods (hard to remove the component where we bridge) so guessed that removing the melted cap would be all but impossible....for me at least!

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    It likely took out the amp too. Repair would only be about $20 shipped in the US unless there is more damage than I expect.

    If the amp is fine it will be cheaper.

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    I had a similar problem with a mistake while wiring a recharge port, saber worked great till I charged it stopped working.


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