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    Prizm 5.1, Cree XP-E2 RGB, RGB AV switches, Polycarbonate "Crystal" 0.75" diameter attached to TCSS 1.0" heatsink, Style 6 TCSS chassis with TCSS bass speaker.
    Chassis is a 1.25" OD X 0.75" 6061 tube opened up to 1.0" for blade and heatsink, fitted to the TCSS Style 6 chassis.
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    Very sleek with a simplistic look and feel!! How did you come across the 6061 Al chassis with a 1.25” OD?

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    The client was looking for something smaller that he could spar with so we decided for a cleaner exterior. I am still going to add a "d-ring" and he has not decided if he wants it weathered.

    I made it...from tubing. I have a lathe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Tilmon View Post
    Awesome K6!
    Thanks Sir Tom.....

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    Nice work! I’m liking the chamber with the heat sink attached.

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    Slick! Really awesome!

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