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Thread: “Frostbite“ and “Desert Rose”

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    Cool “Frostbite“ and “Desert Rose”

    I tried going with a more “Earthly” theme with these two. I’m having fun exploring the color palette while also reusing leftover sleeve scraps for more simpler looks. I also wanted them to have better handling and feel for spinning and dueling.


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    Painted, powdercoated,or real copper? Looks great.

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    Appreciate the compliments!! The white, light blue, and copper(s) are all Rust-Oleum Universal metal paints, and a clear gloss topcoat. The gold color was a Rust-Oleum hobby paint. I’ve thought about starting to do powder coating, but I don’t have the equipment or safe enough environment to accommodate it (yet). For now, this seems to be easy and somewhat affordable.

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