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Thread: A fun MHS build, Prizm 5.5 for pixels

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    Default A fun MHS build, Prizm 5.5 for pixels

    Hi all.
    Fun new build, nothing overly fancy. A few shroud pieces and brass bits cut to fit, some ROTS graflex pins and a glass eye. Oh and some led/switch combos which I hadn't tried before. Finished in gunmetal and nickel, with a matte clear. The brass is real though.

    The bits:
    MHS parts, including the unusual tapered part in the middle (can you guess what part it is? I'll tell you in the video)
    Hand cut and shaped shrouds and brass inlays
    ROTS flex pins and glass eye (no shine thru)
    Custom paint as always
    Goth chassis for Prizm 5.5, 2.1 charge port and 2w bass speaker
    TCSS pogo connector for pixels
    CIG switch/led's red and blue

    The pics:

    And a video:

    Thanks for checking it out

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    Wow, awesome saber! Is that the claw mount from tcss shop?

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    Hey thanks. Yes it is, with some brass cut to fit ( and glued into ) the slots.

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    Awesome job. Nice saber.

    "Let the past die."

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    Very clean work. Love it!
    Who makes the printed chassis?

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    It's a Goth3designs chassis in 2 different sizes. Narrower for the grenade section, then back to full 1.24 for the charge port and speaker sections.

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    Sorry to revive this thread, but in your video, when you say the choke piece is an "Obi pommel", does that mean MHSv1 pommel style 4 from the shop? Beautiful saber, man. Your hard work really shows!

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    Thanks I’m glad you liked that saber. Blast from the past hehe.
    Anyways I’m pretty certain that is a piece from a US guardian.
    Don’t judge we all started somewhere. I had that hilt for years in pieces in a parts bin. That piece just happened to fit and looked cool.


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    Hey, sorry for reviving this again but awesome saber! I'm trying to replicate it as my first build (the main body, different switches, paint, and greeblies though so not an exact copy). I've figured out all the pieces but one, I'm assuming it's a double female connector between the obi pommel and blade emitter. Can you confirm that and if so any idea what length that was? Thanks!


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