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Thread: Customize Hasbro 2015 Luke Blue Black Series

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    Hope they get to you soon. I've been thinking about this, not sure how dual switches will work in the clamp. There needs to be fulcrum between the two so only one activates at a time. Then you will need to be able to activate both simultaneously to get color shift on prism. What about red button activation, and then using the clamp switch for aux? You would have to cut a wire channel into the conversion kit, and then adapt a Graflex 2.5 switch bezel and switch. It can be done. Of course the dual clamp switches may work, I'm just not sure. I only ever installed NBIV into these conversions. I have used prisms in Graflexes, but only in the 2.5 kits. Many button options in those hilts.


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    Thank you for the switches! i need to decide what i want to do and will let you know.
    Also than you for all the help!
    - May the FORCE be with you, always.

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    Glad you got them, hope you are making progress!

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