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Thread: Blaster core 5 - blaster stopped working

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    I have a denix based DL 44 that I had built for me last year. The battery steadily seemed to lose its ability to hold a charge and now I get no activity out of the board. I disassembled it and I can get 6.2 V on the battery using a multimeter. I think there is power at the board, and there is continuity from the recharge port to the board. I am kind of stumped at this point as to what might be happening Iím thinking it could be a bad recharge porch as it has always been a tight fit. Does anyone know does anyone have any other things I should be checking?

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    Some more info: using a 10440 battery. I’m getting 6.2V on the multimeter at the terminals. It doesn’t seem as though any power is getting to the board. I wired up a new recharge port last night and still can not get a boot up on the board.

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    Turns out the installer supplied me with a 4.2V charger for a 7.4v battery. Ordered the higher voltage charger and now everything is working fine. On the bright side I took the time to add an auxiliary switch a better fitting recharge port so I guess I got to learn a little bit as well.


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