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    I have all my parts to a double bladed saber I'm building and got them all powder coated, but I have gotten to the point where I was going to put the shroud on and it barely fits. Does anyone have any suggestions to how I can fix this or is it a lost cause. The colors are transparent Copper and olive green.

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    It's not a lost cause, but you're in for a bit of work. Do a Google search for a "cylinder hone" and you'll find a tool that can help you increase the inner diameter of your shroud. I've had to do this before to help get a shroud on over a paint job.

    You'll need the hone, a drill, and a good bit of time.

    For future builds, you can ask TCSS to turn down the parts a bit before they're powder coated. That way the shroud will fit over it properly. Good luck!
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