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Thread: K4 Saber Kit electronics help!

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    hutch009 - Not yet, been busy with commissions and bad health. I want to get my new walking stick saber finished first so it might not be started until November or December. I have all the parts now, even the blade retention screws.
    With the Blast Shield down I can't even see.. how am I supposed to fight

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    Sorry to hear about the bad health issues. When you're 100% and you finish the walking stick an K4 sabers be sure to post lots of pics

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    hutch009 - Sorry but the health is only going to get worse. I have incurable Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) and the chemo treatment has damaged my heart so I now only have 20% functionality of the heart... however that is not stopping me continuing to build sabers when I can, and I will certainly post pics and maybe a video once I have the K4 completed. I will also probably post the build of the saber walking stick. The current saber that I am working on is a stormtrooper saber based loosely on the Ralph McQuarie drawing of the stormtrooper with Luke and Vader in the background. Saber will be all white with black accents and etching.
    With the Blast Shield down I can't even see.. how am I supposed to fight

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